Shigeru OTA
Ota joined Sendai Television in 1998. After working in the news department, he has directed several documentaries. Recently he has been specializing on brain science, and is currently producing a brain fitness program titled, "The Brain Trainer Exercise," that discusses methods to increase cognitive activity. To cultivating about brain science is his life work. At present, he is focusing on exposing others to the benefits of brain and mental fitness.
Director/Line producer
Kazama has spent a good deal of her career directing documentary for television. Her most accomplished programs, specializing in sports, art, and music have aired in over 150 countries. She won acclaim for her work as director of the documentary, "Figure Skater Mao Asada ~ 20 Years Old," about the 2010 Winter Olympics silver medalist, Mao Asada. In 2011, the documentary was released on DVD in Japan and quickly became #1 on the bestsellers list in the sports category. And in 2014, she directed a documentary DVD about Yuzuru Hanyu, a 2014 Winter Olympics gold medalist and established a new sales record ever since 1999 in Japan. This is her first foray into feature-length documentaries.
Hiroshi Takeda
Takeda began work as a director of music and quiz programs in 1987. In 1995, he turned to broadcast writing after starting up his own company. He is best known for work on shows such as the documentary program "Jinsei no Rakuen (Life's Paradise)," about people starting a new endeavor after reaching middle age.
Roger Pulvers
Pulvers has published over 40 books in English and Japanese. Many of his plays have been produced in Japan, Australia and the U.S. and he has published translations from Japanese, Russian and Polish. Roger acted as assistant to director Nagisa Oshima on the film "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence," and in 2009 won Best Script Award at the Teheran International Film Festival for "Best Wishes for Tomorrow."
Video Photography
Katsumi Matsumoto
Matsumoto is a president of COSMO SPACE of AMERICA. As a cameraman, he has experienced to shoot not only in the U.S., but also Brazil and Argentina for many TV documentaries, entertainments and news, on topics ranging from sports, nature, and science. He also made the original script for movie "Little Tear."
Assistant Director
Jun Mizuno
Mizuno is a freelance director. He has worked at a variety of TV stations on programs ranging from news to variety, documentary and educational programs. He was also involved in the production of English learning software for elementary school students in 2012.